What we do

We own a number of companies in Mauritius and Mozambique with Southern Minerals Ltd (SML) in the lead with its long-term
(20-25 years) exploration and mining licenses within concessions where the ores contain numerous valuable elements including:


Our geologists and engineers work together to design effective and cost efficient mine plans and process areas.
Some of our mines are yet to be explored, others are being explored and prepared for operations.

We mainly mine and enrich tantalum-niobium ores, gold ores. Our pegmatite ores are not only very rich in lithium, but also contain beryllium, caesium, rubidium, and other valuable and rare elements which are extracted as a byproduct.

Gold, lithium and tantalite are our priority products, which we market globally within our long established network of clients and partners. 

As we have been always based in China Mainland and Hong Kong, most of our trading activities are here in Asia, though we work with the West as well and welcome all other international companies from all over the world!