Founded in 2016 and Headquatered in Hong Kong, Compass Resources Limited (CRL) has started its projects in Africa, Mozambique the same year with more other mining and energy assets to be held globally. Currently the company is focused on exploring and mining gold and tantalum-niobium. Its subsidiary in Mauritius, Southern Minerals Limited (SML) owns a number of concessions with gold and pegmatite deposits, which include tantalum-niobium, lithium, beryllium and rare-earth metal ores.


The geological exploration work is being constantly carried out on our concessions and we are always looking for additional opportunities in the region within the mentioned and other elements (Au, Ta, Nb, Co, Li, Rb, Cs).

CRL's leaders worked together as a team, trusted each other in projects in Africa and Hong Kong, managed substantial portfolios making tangible profits in trading, have had an extensive energy and commodities physical trading experience in Asia and Europe, more than a decade of working experience in metal industry and investing activities in mining globally.
Our principle is that CRL works where it has a competitive strengths, where we can have a real influence and the support of local government. Our aim is to develop assets effectively, provide greater returns to our investors and partners.